About Zyrex

Zyrex Enterprises

Putting World Class Technology under your feet. That’s exactly what Zyrex has delivered right through the years.

Established in 1908, ZYREX gradually expanded from sawing of timber and machining of tongued and grooved floor boards to full fledged joinery and carpentry workshop, manufacturing of decorative Doors, Door Frames, Modular Kitchen and Sports floorings on mass production methods.

Elegant design
Satisfied client-base
Ethical business policies
Transparent dealing

Over generations, ZYREX has collected a vast field of technical and practical knowledge in technology, designing and manufacturing in the various engineering and industrial fields. Also available to us are diverse manufacturing facilities for various products.

ZYREX products are brilliantly engineered either at our state-of-the-art factory or by international partners in the US & Europe. All of our specialty floorings and wall systems are approved by world-renowned organizations like The World Squash Federation, Federation of International Basketball Association, DIN etc.