Glass Back Wall System

Glass Back Walls… for squash courts

In 1969 Ellis Pearson developed and installed the world's first glass backwall in England. It was the first to obtain the unique distinction of approval from the World Squash Federation.

Safety & Durability

Meets all recommended safety standards and building codes. The unique door hinge completely eliminates the risk of finger-trap.

Playability & Visibility

Affords easy coaching and refereeing, encouraging greater participation in the sport.


12 mm toughened (tempered) glass with all exposed edges smoothed. Exposed corners are radiused. The lower 600 mm of all panels have vertical 3 mm wide white lines with 25 mm clear space applied to the play surface.


Mechanical connections are designed to integrate the wall assembly. These are manufactured from materials wholly compatible with glass and able to cope with and distribute the constant stresses applied. There is no glass to glass, glass to metal or glass to concrete contact at any time. All joints are bonded with silicone compound.


Glass walls are a specialist item and should be specified separately from all other glass and windows. ZYREX are the sole agents in India for Ellis Pearson glass walls, having trained operatives to carry out installation in operatives.