Hard Plaster System

Excellent durability, High impact resistance, flat and true predictable rebound surfaces, superb reflectance and ball visibility.

As the sole agents and "QA" accredited contractors for Armourcoat in India, ZYREX personnel are trained by Armourcoat to provide the toughest, most durable and easy-to-maintain squash court wall finish available. Armourcoat hard plasters are approved by the World Squash Federation as proof of meeting the official standard. AVAILABLE IN WHITE AND A SERIES OF PASTEL COLOURS.

Performance guaranteed

Armourcoat Hard Plaster System has been tried and tested in hundreds of locations in the UK, Europe, Middle East and the Far East. It is in use in all-climatic conditions from sub-arctic regions to deserts.

Playwall Refurbishments

Armourcoat is a perfect refurbishment material for replacing entire play walls.