Haro Sports Floors

HARO's experience in woodworking has been handed down through the generations giving a competitive edge unrivaled to this day.

We have been producing the most important indoor sports equipment - the sports floor - on the most advanced machinery for over 50 years. A HARO Sports Floor is a high-tech product of the finest quality, designed for the benefit of arena operators, athletes and investors alike. The athletes love its superior performance, investors and building owners the low maintenance costs of the floor, and arena managers profit from the possibility of multi-purpose use.

HARO Sports Floor offers the best basis for a powerful performance. Reason enough to be chosen for over 7,000 arenas, multi-purpose halls and major professional stadiums worldwide.

Stockholm 10

Stockholm is a specialist floor for Badminton Court and Multipurpose Hall. Stockholm is a cost-effective alternative to the double swing beam systems. It consists of a factory-assembled elastic batten, a counter-floor module and HARO Sports hardwood floor. It can be installed directly on raw concrete. A minor unevenness in the subfloor can be leveled by placing equalizing material under the swing- beam pads and fixing them in place. This saves money as no screed needs to be laid.

Melbourne 65

This is the specialist floor for squash and racquet-ball. It is sealed with the SST special finish developed exclusively for this purpose. The depth-impregnated surface ensures a perfect grip, preventing the risk of slipping or sliding due to sweat drops on the court. Melbourne is officially approved by the World Squash Federation and is used for international squash competitions such as World Cups and European Cups.