Great Moves On Great Floors

State- of-the art- flooring requires the same when it comes to maintenance. Depending upon the kind of flooring, whether Tennis or Wooden, careful care needs to be taken on an everyday basis to assure that the flooring retains its true texture and qualities. How the flooring is used also goes a long way in maintaining it. Here, footwear has been specified. Only a certain types of footwear can be used on the floor. Anything different and serious damage could be caused. Keeping all the above in mind, Zyrex provides you with a detailed maintenance guide that will assist you maintain the flooring, and increase its life.

Tennis Court


Brush the surface with soft hair brush to remove all dust, sand and all soiling daily.

Wash the entire surface with clean water treated with soap liquid. Stains from drinks, foods, bird soiling and condensation spots from lighting towers can be treated with soap liquid and scrubbing soft hair brush prior to being rinsed with clean water. Dry the court after washing using proper accessories.


  1. Wear only appropriate non-marking sole shoes (sports shoes) on the courts during play the game. No hulled shoes & leather shoes are allowed.
  2. No foods, drinks, cigarettes and chewing gum to be allowed on the court.

Wooden Flooring


It is essential to take necessary measures to assure the proper care and preservation of your “ZYREX” floor. Maintaining proper conditions within your building, after work is completed, is essential to assure the trouble-free life of your floor.

To protect your investment and to assure that your floors provide lasting satisfaction, we recommend:

Note :

  1. Expansion – Wood will expand / contrast due to the changes in relative humidity.
  2. Excessive Tightening – When excessive tightening of the floor becomes noticeable call us IMMEDIATELY.


  1. NON MARKING SHOES ON THE FLOOR – Only people wearing non- marking white-soled shoes should be allowed to play on the wooden flooring. Black shoes, leather shoes, etc. should not be allowed on the wooden flooring to prevent marks on the floor.

  2. KEEP WATER OFF THE FLOOR SURFACE – Avoid exposure to water from tracking during periods of inclement weather by protecting your floors and exterior doorways. Floor protection should be checked thoroughly to assure no moisture is trapped underneath. Windows & doors should be closed tightly during rainy weather. All leaks must be corrected immediately.

  3. EXERCISE CARE TO PREVENT EXPOSURE TO MOISTURE – Any evidence of dampness within your building should be called to the attention of your architects and engineers. Interior drains and down spouls should be properly insulated to prevent development of excessive condensation and moisture.

  4. EXPANSION JOINTS – Expansion joints around the perimeter of your floor, at columns, inserts, should never be blocked or obstructed. They have been engineered into your floor to permit natural expansion and contractions from normal humidity changes without damage to your floor.

Daily CARE :

  1. DAILY SWEEPING – Daily sweeping with a properly treated dust mop will keep the floor surface free or dust, girt, sand and abrasive particles.

  2. FLOOR STAINS – Floor stains can be avoided by wiping spillage from the surface immediately. Staining occurs when spills are absorbed into finish.

  3. REMOVE MARKS – Remove marks with a floor cleaner approved for use on wooden flooring. Apply with a soft dusting mop.

  4. AVOID WATER ON YOUR FLOOR SURFACE – Take precaution during inclement weather to prevent tracking of water on the floor. Also check that windows and doors do not admit water. Machine scrubbing or power machines that induce water under pressure should not be used. WATER SHOULD NEVER BE USED ON A WOODEN FLOORING FOR CLEANING PURPOSE.

  5. REFINISHING THE FLOOR – Please do not hesitate to contact us when it is time to refinish the “ZYREX” floor. We are experienced and are the best qualified to do the job.