Outdoor Recreational Coating

Out door Recreational Coating… for Tennis, Basketball & volleyball Courts

More than what appears on the surface

Playability : Latex-ite is a surface that assures the player both sure-footedness and a consistent ball bounce.

Durability : Space age fiber which is added to the 100% acrylic binder gives trouble-free playing for years to come.

Superior Features of Latex-ite

  • Its laboratory design combined with extensive field testing ensures consistent quality.
  • Offers unsurpassed vibrant colors and textures
  • Meets differing temperatures, altitude and humidity requirements.
  • Latex-ite Acrylic Cushion - the serious players’ choice.
  • A unique blend of highly resilient graded rubber granules and super fortified acrylic binders, applied prior to the Latex-lte color surface, affords unmatched playing comfort.