Outdoor Wooden Flooring

An ideal solution for creating extremely elegant and comfortable outdoor spaces. The warm wood grains allow it to blend harmoniously with any natural surrounding.

Outdoor wood is finished with special oil, which is used to treat the flooring. The oil is absorbed by the wood and provides surface protection. The product needs to be brush oiled once before the summer to ensure that the product does not de colour* due to UV light.

Zyrex Outdoor Wooden Flooring is available in 2 versions

IPE’ I Smooth Version

Specifically designed for surfaces such as around a swimming pool, for seaside lidos and health spas, where it is essential to be able to walk barefoot in absolute safety.

IPE’ I Anti-Slik-Version

Suitable for balconies, gardens and gazebos

Grid Specifications

Zyrex Outdoor Wooden Flooring comes backed with a polypropylene patented grid, known for its toughness. The grid allows lifelong drainage of water without the base getting spoilt. This unique system of drainage does not allow fungi and moss to grow on it. Polypropylene is highly resistant to organic chemicals as well.