wooden sports flooring

Zyrex has taken the scope of wooden flooring beyond mere aesthetics to reveal its more rugged facet. With the development of an exclusive wooden sports flooring that conforms to international sports norms.

Brilliantly engineered to last indefinitely, Zyrex wooden sports flooring is technically superior in features like elegance, utility, durability, etc. The high point is player’s comfort and safety: there’s no impact on their knees, feet and ankles. Zyrex wooden sports flooring have helped players develop into champions. Moreover, Zyrex wooden flooring offers a unique combination of style and sophistication

ZYREX Air-cush Wooden Sports Flooring

For Squash Courts, Badminton Courts, & Multipurpose Halls. The unique construction of ZYREX Air-Cush wooden sports flooring ensures that there is no impact on the knees, feet, shins and ankles. The surface area’s elastic flooring induces a far smaller number of sports-related injuries.

ZYREX floorings are made from select Indian and imported kiln seasoned anti-termite hardwoods, known for their exceptional strength, durability and high resistance to wear and tear. These boards are machined to a special tongue and groove design for concealed screwing, and lacquer coated, if required, to provide an exceptional seal.

Zyrex AERO Floor

The Aero-floor system is a modification of the Air-Cush systems designed especially for high impact aerobics and for the most demanding workouts, involving straining, stretching, or even dancing. It provides that crucial cushioning so important to safeguard ankle, knee and hip joints, as well as leg, thigh and back muscles.

Proven Superiority

  • Excellent resilience
  • Premium looks and high performance.
  • Natural finish or with non-skid polyurethane lacquer.
  • Solid wood all through - no de-lamination as in multi-ply or laminated construction.
  • Ideally suited for squash, badminton, basketball, volleyball, gymnasium, aerobics, yoga, table-tennis, gymnastics, health clubs & auditorium.